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Creative Dental Connections LLC is an authorized American Heart Association Training Site. We offer a variety of services for Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants and Medical Professionals. Our services include Continuing Education Courses, Radiation Control & Safety Training, CPR Instructor Courses, Basic Life Support Training, Permanent and Temporary Job Placement, Respirator Fit Testing, Professional Resume Writing and an Exclusive Online Directory for Dental & Medical Providers.

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Our mission is to connect dental and medical professionals to services that will enhance their practices and expand and nurture their educational knowledge.

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Requirement for ALL Dental Facilities in NYC. Enforcement Begins January 1, 2020

The NYC Department of Health re-enacted Article 175 “Radiation Control” which can be found on page 56. All dentists are encouraged to read it. Facilities are required to maintain it as a PDF or hard copy. Click Here for Full Article.

View screenshot of the changes that were made.
(Click Here for Screenshot)

For questions email: ORH@health.nyc.gov and include “Article 175 Question” in the subject heading.

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“It is with great honor that Unspoken Smiles Foundation awards you with the highest Presidential Volunteer Service Award. You are the true definition of a strong innovative woman. I can’t thank you enough for all the things you have done and continue to do for the foundation. This is to encourage you to continue to empower students like myself who face many barriers because at the end of the day, you will make a big difference in their professional career. Thank you so much! Congratulations again.”

Jean-Paul Laurent CEO & Founder, Unspoken Smiles Foundation February 8, 2017

The Creative Dental Connections Speed Networking Event was awesome! This was my second time attending and each event gets better and better. I was able to connect with a variety of dental and medical professionals on all levels. I especially appreciated the open environment to share common experiences, laugh, and enjoy the company of great people. I also learned a lot from the CE course given by RDH Danni Gomes. If anyone is looking to create lasting connections and expand their knowledge to bettering themselves professionally, I’d totally recommend coming to this speed networking event! It’s not something I would want to miss.

Valeska Saint-Jacques RDH February 8, 2017

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“I recently attended the “Creative Dental Connections Speed Networking Event”, hosted by Professor Danni Gomes from my dental assisting school. This event was fun, credit based, and educational. I met other professionals, such as doctors, hygienists and assistants. We all took turns discussing each other’s experiences, which allowed for great professional advice. Professor Gomes is an outstanding and innovative educator. She hosts multi-topic educational events that are informative and should be essential for all dental professionals.”

Grace K. Garces Dental Assistant February 8, 2017

“I enjoyed exhibiting and being a presenter at Creative Dental Connections Networking Event in NYC, it was such a great experience networking with like mind dental professionals and making great new connections. Danni Gomes did an amazing job organizing!”

Lisa Marie Kao CEO/Founder of MyntSmile Oral Health February 8, 2017

My experience at the Creative Dental Connections Speed Networking event was motivational! It was a honor to be surrounded by professionals and network with them, to learn the time and hard work they put in was motivation for me. It made me realize that you can accomplish anything in life. Learning about Sleep Apnea was very exciting and interesting! I want to thank Ms. Gomes for that wonderful experience for inviting me to attend!

Tyrell Smalls Dental Assistant Candidate February 8, 2017

“It’s always great meeting new colleagues, hearing new lectures and increasing my network at these Creative Dental Connections events”

Edly Destine, DDS February 8, 2017

“Thank you for an event that left me feeling so elated! It’s very nice and rare to meet people like you, who are so caring. Thank you and all the best for you!

Evelina Simuleviciene RDH February 8, 2017

“I highly recommend Creative Dental Connections LLC  for your CPR training class. The instructor Danni Gomes is warm and welcoming. She makes the class fun and interesting and provides all materials needed to learn adequately current CPR protocols. The class is adjusted to teach dental health professionals with examples of emergencies that could happen in a dental setting. And the best part along with your CPR course completion card, you also get 4.5 CE credits! Pretty awesome for a quick and fun learning experience.”

Yamil Santana, RDH November 28, 2017

I am so grateful to have had the pleasure of being a student in Professor Danni Gomes class; who is also the founder of creative dental connections. With her help not only did I learn about being a dental assistant but also helped me find an amazing job in an office I can truly say I love working in. She is truly an amazing person with a heart of gold; not only has she helped me find a job but she gave me the confidence to succeed as a dental assistant. she continues to amaze me with her generosity and compassion she has for her students who she continues to help above and beyond the classroom.

Erika Gonzalez Dental Assistant March 21, 2018

“On ‘Bring a Graduate to Work Day’ I had the pleasure of introducing Ms. Rebecca Rosario- NYU Dental Hygiene Class of 2017-to the administrative side of academia. As a full-time dental hygiene faculty at Hostos Community College, students are unaware of the voluminous administrative work faculty are engaged in. Ms. Rosario and I discussed her career goals. I offered her my assistance for her future plans.
This was a wonderful event for a seasoned dental hygienist like myself and a recent graduate. Looking forward to participating in next year’s event.

Julie Bencosme, RDH April 1, 2018

“My office has been using Creative Dental Connections LLC and Ms. Gomes for the last 3yrs. Her course is extremely thorough, and efficient . There is a lot of hands on practice and everyone walks away confident to handle a emergency afterwards. This year we added her service of reviewing the contents and use of the medical emergency kit. That training was excellent and we will start doing it annually with Creative Dental Connections LLC.

Lana Rovinsky, RDH April 1, 2018

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“I was a participant of the ‘Bring a Graduate to Work’ event. I truly enjoyed shadowing my mentor, Ms.Bencosme. She gave me so much insight and valuable knowledge that will certainly benefit me as I start my career as a Dental Hygienist. In the process I met other wonderful individuals at Hostos Community College. I was able to see a different aspect of what members of the profession have to go through to prepare students success in there studies in preparation of this exciting career. This event is truly a wonderful experience allowing an opportunity to network.”

Rebecca Rosario, RDH April 1, 2018

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My experience shadowing Dorrie was amazing. She was so patient and she made sure to answer all the questions I had. She gave me great and valuable advice. Her office had new technology I hadn’t been exposed to, so it was a great learning experience for me. Her co-workers were all very welcoming.
Thank you so much Professor Gomes for creating this program, it was an amazing opportunity for me to observe what is expected of a dental hygienist in private practice.

Gracia Giron Rivas, RDH April 1, 2018

“I have been studying oral motor, feeding and OMT for over 20 years. Some of this was review and some new learning, but the true gem that I brought from the “Make the Connection” class was making the connection with nearly two dozen like-minded professionals that want to improve the lives of patients. The personal stories, the varying perceptions and the clinical knowledge will be something I’ll never forget!”

Robyn Merkel Walsh MA CCC SLP August 21, 2018

Danni Gomes hosted a course on “How Gender Plays a Role In Dental Care”, and it was phenomenal! I was able to receive so much new information I did not know before. The course was also intimate and very interactive. I highly recommend CDC events & courses to all professionals in the dental field!

Malekha Goho RDH December 31, 2018

Prof Danni has always been professional in everything she does. Recently attended a webinar about Covid- 19 and dentistry. Was informative, and helped ease some of the anxiety I had about returning to work as a hygienist. Highly recommend her!!!

Sehar Hayan RDH, CHES, MPH June 16, 2020

Jennifer Taveras

“I recommend the BLS class to everyone. The Instructor Danni was awesome and informative.
I loved the flow of the class and the relaxing environment!!! Thank you!!”

Jennifer Taveras December 2, 2020

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