American Heart Association CPR Instructor Course

This course will allow the participate to teach Basic Life Support and/or Heartsaver classes.

Becoming an American Heart Association CPR Instructor takes 4 simple steps!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1. *You must have a current BLS/Heartsaver provider course completion card. 

Attend the instructor screening session in which you will be given the written BLS provider exam and you must pass with a 92% or greater. You will then be tested (without any assistance) on your practical skills performance for 1 & 2 rescuers for adult, child and infant CPR as well as the use of an AED, pocket mask and bag valve mask device. Choking scenarios will be demonstrated also. If you pass both the written and practical skills testing we then proceed to step #2 in which payment is due at that time. If you did not pass a portion of the testing, the instructor course ends here for you and you forfeit the initial fee of $70.00.

Step 2. Submit payment of $280.00

This step takes (approximately 3-hours) to complete.

What we cover:

  • Review program administrative manual
  • Instructor role
  • Instructor manual
  • Course videos
  • Course documents
  • Course completion cards
  • Classroom set-up
  • Testing students

*Note: Step 1 & 2 takes place on the same day if successful completion of testing is accomplished.

Step 3. Instructor candidates must purchase the BLS Instructor Manual $40.00 or the Heartsaver Instructor Manual $55.00 for the discipline in which they will teach.

Step 4. Take the BLS Instructor Essentials Online Course (additional fee of $35.00 paid by you the instructor candidate)

This course is designed to educate the instructor candidate on how to adequately use AHA instructor teaching materials and follow AHA instructor and course policies.

Step 5. In order to receive Instructor status, the instructor candidate must successfully teach a BLS class while being monitored by the training center faculty. There is an additional monitoring fee of $75.00. You are welcome to observe our training faculty teach classes until you feel comfortable to do it on your own!

We are here to support you every step of the way!

Ready to get started? 

Our next course is January 15th at 9:00am-1:00pm Click HERE to register!