Creative Dental Connections offers On-line & In-office Ergonomics Coaching. Whether you are a New Graduate or a Seasoned Professional, we are here to help! 

Take advantage of our FREE 15-minute consultation and get coached from the ergonomics specialist Ms. Danni Gomes, RDH. She has never experienced pain in all of her 23 years experience as a Registered Dental Hygienist. Read more about her HERE

What we do:
A thorough assessment of your entire work environment, from the type of instruments that you use, to how you hold your instruments during activation, etc.

What we offer:
Option #1: Online Coaching (4x) 15 min. sessions
Option #2: In-office Coaching (1x) 45 min. session, includes (4x) 15 min. sessions on-line


How the process works:
You will be given a free 15-minute online consultation and it begins by you answering several questions. Once we establish if we are a good fit to work together, you will have the opportunity to proceed by scheduling the option that works best for you!


For more information contact:
(c) 201-320-7022